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Set with coordinate system and English alphabet designed for exercises and tasks for one person as well as for a group.

One box provides a single workstation for a child.


  • 1 x plywood box with the alphabet
  • 1 x lid with octagonal holes and marking of the coordinate system
  • 1 x set of 25 cylinders - blocks (5 x 5 colours each)
  • 4 worksheets divided into 7 thematic blocks

The whole set comes with instructions with hints for the teacher.


They are divided into 7 thematic blocks:

  1. image by pattern
  2. image according to coordinates
  3. symmetry
  4. mathematics
  5. coding
  6. sequences
  7. hand dexterity exercises - towers.

Kodi is a tool for a range of curriculum tasks: mathematics, coding, coordinate axis, symmetry, counting, spelling words, fine motor skills.

Each child at the table can complete the activity at his or her own pace according to the task card. Another way of working is to follow the teacher's instructions at the same time, as the teacher immediately sees the correctness of the tasks performed.

The attached instructions are a set of interesting prompts for the teacher to guide the exercises. The tasks are open-ended and can be modified and adapted to suit your teaching needs.


The flat box makes it easy to freely pick out the right blocks and keep things tidy. Simply turn the box upside down to make use of its second use and carry out a variety of tasks on the alphabet. The lid of the labelling box provides a place to carry out several tasks. Once the task is completed, simply lift the lid and put the blocks into the box in one movement.


Includes a range of additional tasks and teacher prompts including:

  • working vertically, horizontally
  • missing/mismatching elements in a code
  • listening exercises
  • letter in a word, missing letter, spelling.

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