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Light box for visual stimulation.

A set that allows for interesting left-hemisphere exercises with elements of mathematics, symmetry, coding and spatial activities.

The best results are obtained under conditions of total or partial darkness in the room. We reduce the surrounding visual stimuli for the child and support the visual focus on manipulating the elements on the System.

This form of exercise is extremely attractive to the child and attracts and stimulates it to action.

Wooden Template with a grid of 81 octagonal holes. All numbers and letters are designed to be completely visible by the child even in the dark.

The included remote control allows changing to 16 different colours. A special button changes the intensity of the light.

The box is made of wooden plywood with a special height of no more than 6 cm.  This makes it easier for children to work on a colour screen.

Light Box Set with Coordinate System:

  1. Light box - 38 x 41 x 6 cm, remote control 16 colours + power supply
  2. Template with coordinate system
  3. 90 different coloured blocks to fill in the holes in the template
  4. 24 logical, mathematical and coding tasks on 8 cards:
    •        varying degrees of difficulty
    •        creation of an image by coordinates
    •        arranging the picture according to mathematical tasks
    •        coding
  5. Wooden block box

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