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A set for vision sense therapy and hand therapy in sensory stimulation and sand therapy.

The box is made of wooden plywood. Thanks to the special height of the light box (no more than 6 cm) and the sensor box (no more than 4 cm), children can easily draw on the sand.

The Light Box has been equipped with a remote control, thanks to which we can change its colors to 16 colors and increase or decrease the light intensity.

The set includes accessories of various thicknesses and tips, including: thick brushes, thin brushes, sponge brushes, wooden rakes and a ruler. They enable painting and writing various patterns and develop the sense of touch by learning about different textures and shapes.


  1. Place the litter box with sand on the Box of Light - thanks to the use of 4 felts underneath the box, the surface of the Box desktop is not scratched.
  2. Turn on the Light Box and set it to white.
  3. Using additional tools from the set, the child creates his own pictures, patterns and compositions on the sand.
  4. By changing the colour of the light with the remote control, the child visually experiences and compares how the same image can look different with different backlight colours. He indicates which is the prettiest for him, with which colour he likes the least, talks about his emotions, etc.
  5. To create a new idea, just grab the sensor box on the sides, lift it up and gently move the sand in it from side to side - the previous work disappears, like a scribble. 2 moves are enough.

The Light Box and Sensor Box set includes:

  1. Light Box - 38 x 41 x 6 cm, remote control 16 colours + power adapter
  2. A sensor box for sand or other play material, e.g. beans, pasta, groats
  3. Special, fine-grained sand - 1 kg
  4. A box with writing tools such as: thick brushes, thin brushes, a brush with a sponge, a wooden rake and a ruler Total minimum of 10 pcs.

To increase the comfort of work, tape the corners of the cuvette on the outside with tape. Thanks to this, you will avoid sand spilling through micro-cracks.

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